There should never be a misconception between fashion and style. Fashion is fleeting, following the trend forecasts and flow of money going in out of the industry. Where style does not follow any rule, but is the expression of one’s identity through the artistry of clothing. British style has been the envy of many; for its attention to the cut of a suit to the fabric of shirt. British style epitomizes class as well rebellion, dry humour and cheekiness.  With their spring collection out, Hawes and Curtis prove that they can keep with the times without compromising the tradition and values of what makes British style so British.

Nestled on Jermyn Street for the past century, Hawes and Curtis have made a name for themselves when it comes to tailored suits and shirts of high quality in menswear. Now they boast a spring collection for both men and women, offering a variety of pieces for work and play.

The spring collection proves to be a playful one, adding shapes and graphics to their shirt collection. Along with the natural checkered print, comes bold stripes and jacquard prints along with some colour contrast. It is the detail in the necklines and cuffs that add a bit of an edge to what is usually affiliated with what is old. For women, Hawes and Curtis offer simple elegance in the form of satin doubled cuff shirts in a variety of colours.


There is a certain charm to the idea of someone saving their hard earned cash for a tweed jacket or a crisp shirt that will last them past many seasons of any fashion trend.  The want for clothing well finished, classic is being adopted not only in the workplace but also in street wear. Fashion bloggers are mixing the old with the new. Looking to the brands based in the UK and Italy that have share this ethos of high quality lasting clothes.

In a generation that is over saturated with goods and content it is sometimes best to stop and take notice of the things that last longer.

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