Serums are a blessing of life! Whether that is a face serum or hair serum. The reason why they work so well is because they stimulate hydration from the deepest level of the skin that a normal moisturiser cannot reach. Serums are usually a light texture which is why it is always necessary to add a rich moisture on top to seal in the serum. If you have oily skin and use a serum on its own, it’s more than likely that your skin will feel dehydrated and tight. If your skin/scalp is dry then the more the merrier. A serum is always a good idea to use first and allow it to soak into the skin, followed by a rich moisturiser.

Lets talk about hair .. It’s not so common to use a hair serum so lets introduce Mauyu nourishing hair serum.

What is Mauyu hair serum? 

Just like an ordinary serum (but for the hair) this will soak all the way deep into your scalp and give your skin the nourishment that has been lacking.

With its unique blend of six rich plants that work together to improve hair density growth and moisture its no wonder that the light weight texture works well in combating frizz and stimulating growth for longer thicker locks.

This is the perfect essential for everyday if you are looking for something light weight that smells amazing. Ingredients included are: Coconut, Organic Baobab and Jojoba Oils. 

   Benefits include: 

· Stimulates hair growth

· Prevents hair breakage

· Seals in moisture

· Less frizz, more shine

· Protection from heat

This product will nourish those nasty split ends with daily use and encourages repair of damaged hair. Sweet orange, Lavender and Rosemary is what will keep your hair smelling gorgeous up till wash day.

Have a look on their site and remember to add to basket!

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