Jessica Blackler is a makeup artist and founder of Jecca Make-up, a new and genderless makeup brand that offers a fresh, gender-neutral approach to the beauty industry.

Jessica has worked with a wide range of diverse clients across the LGBTQ+ community and understands that coverage can be an issue when using mainstream makeup, so she created the Jecca Correct & Conceal palette.

The palette has two shades, a pink toned shade as well as a lighter one. It’s surprisingly lightweight formula for such good coverage. It completely covered my acne and the dark areas on my face, particularly under my eyes. I tested the palette on my tattoo also, just to test out the palette and it completely covered it. It is the best concealer I have ever used. Jecca has completely found the balance of complete, full coverage and a formula that is lightweight and doesn’t feel cakey or appear thick on your skin.

It can cover acne, tattoos, scars, and birthmarks without looking heavy or cakey.

How to use:

1) Apply the pinky peach colour corrector using a small flat makeup brush

2) Gently apply the concealer on top of the corrector

3) Layer up the product to the coverage you need

We asked Jessica a few questions about Jecca and her background in the beauty industry:

Tell us a bit about your background, what brought you into the beauty industry?

“I’ve always been creative, art was one of my strongest subjects in school and it was always the path I wanted to go down. I also love film and the fact that I could become a makeup artist on a film set was a dream from my early teens. After school, I went on to study at the Ealing Film Studio and worked as a makeup artist in film and TV.”

Do you think mainstream makeup brands need to start catering better for the LGBT+ community? Can you tell us a bit about what the feedback has been from the people you have worked with?

“It’s getting better but there is still a long way to go. It’s very important to be inclusive of everyone, not just makeup brands but all brands. I began Jecca Makeup offering makeup lessons to trans women, males transitioning to female. My clients came from far and wide, all different walks of life. They all had one thing in common, they would visit my studio for my skills but most importantly the safe space I created. After working with hundreds of clients and working closely with the LGBT community, they fedback that most brands are overlooking this community so that was my inspiration to develop my own brand – a stylish, effective and all-inclusive brand with products to help everyone, whatever their gender, whatever their beauty concern and help them feel better in their own skin.”

Jecca products are natural, PETA and Vegan certified and it comes in recycled packaging. The company donates 5% of profits every year to Stonewall, a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights charity in the UK.

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Written by Jasmin Woodward

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