East London singer, songwriter Kiss Kanoo has released a brand new single entitled, ‘I Already Know’, which premiered on Clout. The Electro-Pop track, produced by Yuri Stano, is the first release from her exciting much-anticipating EP, ‘Primordial’. The upbeat track was mastered by Jaime Estalella, who worked on Ed Sheeran’s Collaborations No. 6 Album, which was nominated for a Grammy!

Listen to the full track below:

We also spoke to the singer about the top 5 tracks, that influenced her music. Have a look below:

M.I.A. – Bad Girls

Growing up I was used to people making me uncomfortable about the strongest, badass sides of my personality, as they weren’t “feminine” enough. This song helped me reconcile with that part of me, as M.I.A. sings “pull me closer if you think you can hang.”

GRIMES – So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth

Grimes, and this song, in particular, encouraged me to explore new sounds, new ways to create an atmosphere in music that reminds more of a dream than reality. This song pushed me to learn new ways to conjure emotions through a more minimalistic combination of symbolic lyrics and harmony. During the song, you are really feeling like you are falling through the earth in slo-mo.


This song is part of my existence on a very deep level. First of all, because it sealed my relationship with my sister who is 10 years older than me. We belong to completely different generations and for that reason, communication is not always easy, but through music, I’ve found that there are no barriers and you get to create memories in a purer form, untouched by our linguistic walls. The song also pulled me closer to sad, nostalgic melodies that resonate more with me.

ROBYN – Cobrastyle

This song influenced the most the way I want to sing and write lyrics. There are much alliteration and made-up words locked to the rhythm. It makes me feel free, like pure creativity. When I listened to this for the first time it really hit me! For me, the message that was hidden in the song was that music doesn’t necessarily have to always be tied to meaningful predicaments. You can still take the heavy emotions and morph them into something uplifting and groovy.

DIE ANTWOORD – Enter the Ninja

I feel close to Enter the Ninja for several reasons. First of all, is because I believe the chorus is inspired from Butterfly by AQUA which is another favorite of mine- the chorus is simple, genius, sweet and badass at the same time if such a thing is possible. Second, the song feels like a clash of different cultures and influences, which correlates to whom I am since I have been living in different parts of the world from a very young age. I am truly attracted to this kind of dynamic eclecticism, weird words and pronunciations – it makes me feel at home and it’s something unique that stands out, which is what I aspire to do as an artist. The music video of the song is one of the few music videos out here I remember; it reflects the song perfectly and it inspired me to look into show design which now is also a part of my professional music life.

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