Other than featuring on the cover of Amor magazine’s spring/summer issue!

ODF have been on the ball this year!

ODF (One diverse Fashion) have updated a new video called “Standing in to stand out” to remind their customers that ‘you are the only one that can be you, no one else can!’

Standing in to stand out with One Diverse Fashion is a very edgy, modest but yet an exclusive line!

The Founder of ODF Nicholas Dex

(The Founder, on the left)

told Amor magazine,

“ODF Clothing grabs your attention with some stand out colours and patterning but simplicity is certainly at the heart of their design”

The video was released last night, where it showed of the ‘edgy’ style that ODF usually design.

Nicholas Dex also added,

“ The main aim was to remind and state that our customers reflect their inner-self and stay true”

“We chose two people together to show connection, simplicity and that we represent a unisex brand which caters to both females and males.”

“If you look at our previous adverts, we will split the boys and girls adverts to target a specific sector” (http://youtu.be/gALjxmhh9HY)

With Nicholas already on the ball in the game, who knows what else he’ll whip out!

Make sure you guys check out the video!

Words: Wardah Sempa 

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