Contouring is arguably one of the most popular make up techniques of the last few years. More and more products have been added to the shelves to help us achieve the sought after sculpted look, with many high street brands joining the trend.

Despite so many products, I’ve found it quite difficult to find a contouring product that isn’t too dark for my skin tone – quite often these palettes only offer one brown tone for contouring and one shimmer tone for highlighting. So this means that A LOT of blending is required!


What I like about ColorBlend’s contouring palette collection is that not only do they offer two palettes – one for lighter and one for darker skin tones – but the individual palettes have six different colours to play with. (I’m using the ‘Light’ palette)


Highlighter Shades:

#1 – A light pink matte shade that gives the skin a subtle rosey sheen.

#2 – This creamy yellow matte shade works well as a setting powder.

#3 – A semi-matte shade (my favourite highlighter) when applied it gives the skin a shimmery sheen and is ideal for strobing.

Contour Shades:

#4 – A deep red/brown matte shade (the darkest in the palette) best for those with medium skin.

#5 – A light chocolate brown shade in matte (my shade of choice) for those looking for a more subtle contour this is your best bet.

#6 – The last shade in the palette, a bronzer, perfect for giving your skin a subtle glow.

(The contour shades also double as excellent brow powders!)


Each of the six shades can be removed from the palette and replaced once they run out, which I love because you can stock up on your most-used shades without buying the whole palette again.

The packaging itself is sleek and professional and like all good palettes, ColorBlend’s also works as a compact with a large mirror in the lid.

Here’s my before and after:


What I think is great about ColorBlend’s Contour Palette is that whatever your contouring skill level or skin tone, it’s easy to find a powder to suit you. The palette gives me the option to to create a light, subtle contour for the day and a darker, more sculpted look for the evening. The shades also double up well as brow powders and can even be used as eye shadows, for a natural day time look. I love versatility in a product and Colorblend certainly delivers.

Words by Araminta Pender, Beauty Editor @mintypender

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