Last night was the first of many Sing Out Loud Live events to come. Milli and Madz definitely put on a show to remember, showcasing talent upon talent which had the crowd craving for more!

The night was full of crazy talent with performances from the likes of Iesher, Lovely, Xorael, Levelle and many more.

My 3 favourite acts of the night have to be…

The lovely Rakaya B, who done an amazing cover of Justin Timberlake’s ‘Pusher Love’, yes I said Pusher love. Rakaya smashed it adding her own flavour and attitude. She has such a soulful voice and chose the perfect cover to showcase it!

The fierce Kestra was up next and she let her presence be known. Her vocals were seriously incredible, the emotion and control she brought from her voice, left the audience mesmerised. Kestra’s old school mash up left the crowd more than excited. She left us all thinking back to the 90’s with songs like Tyrese ‘Sweet Lady’, Jo-Jo ‘All my life’ and many more.

Zion is so talented and I am so happy I was able to see him live, because his talent is extraordinary. There is nothing to be said, other than watch out for this guy. His RnB vibes had the crowd swaying and singing a long, especially to his soulful rendition of Chris Brown’s ‘Don’t Judge me’.

I know I said 3 favourite acts but, I have to be cheeky and add the Headline act, the girl that had the crowd going crazy, the amazing Courtney Bennett. You may have seen her covers on youtube and been amazed but live she tore the place up! Her riffs and runs on her whole acoustic set just made Courtney Bennett, Courtney Bennett. I loved Courtney and Zion’s version of Maxwell ‘Pretty Wings’ definitely 2 acts that are going to make it big!

The whole night was packed full of talent. The crowd was loving every bit of the event and we were all constantly in stitches from the host Hart Man. I’m telling you this is the best host I’ve seen at an event in ages. He is naturally funny and I will forever remember the story, about his friend in Brixton and the dread man singing Vanessa Carlton ‘A Thousand Miles’!! xD Too funny!!

Stay tuned for more talent from all the artists and the host Hart Man: @iesher @Lovely4Music @Xorael @LEVELLELONDON RakayaB @OfficialKestra @ZionUK @CourtneyLDN @originalhartman

A big thank you to @Millipix and @MrMadz for creating such an amazing event!! The next event will be in July, so if you missed last night make sure you attend the next one otherwise you’ll be missing out!!!

By: Music Editor

Jourdan Jae

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