One of the biggest limitations of new technology is the relatively short smartphone battery life. We all remember the old Nokias with their week long battery lives. Smartphones aren’t just there yet.

If you’re looking to extend the life of your smartphone but not looking to upgrade to an iPhone 11 yet, then here are some good tips.


1. Turn Off the Vibration

If you are in a place where it is necessary to keep your phone from ringing, the vibration mode is ideal for notifying you of incoming messages or calls. When it’s not needed, however, it would only be better to use your ringtone for notification.

The reason behind this is that vibration mode generally uses up more power compared to ringtones. Ringtones produce sounds that are only tiny vibrations in the speaker of your smartphone. Compare that to the shaking of the whole phone by vibrating a smart weight, then playing a ringtone undoubtedly zaps less pf your battery.

You should expect the same when it comes to using vibration for tactile feedback. In case you do not think it is necessary, you should disable variations or, at least, minimize the magnitude of the vibrations.

2. Dim Your Smartphone Screen

Undoubtedly, this one factor affects battery life significantly. It is evident that by dimming your phone screen, you will minimize your smartphone’s power consumption because we all have to activate the screen any time we want to use our phones.

When our screen is well-lit up now, and then whenever we check out our emails and such, it will end up sucking all the battery juice. Due to the auto-brightness setting, it allows your smartphone to adjust its brightness to the optimal level so that you can read while preserving battery life.

However, you might consider taking up the level permanently to the dimmest level possible such that you can still read without straining your eyes. By doing so, you will do wonders for your smartphone’s battery life in the long term.

3. Shorten Screen Timeout

Similarly, if you want to reduce the power consumption of your smartphone due to the screen display, then you must think about shortening the screen timeout. It determines the amount of time the screen will remain lit once you finish interacting with it.

A good number of people don’t have the habit of “locking” their phones after they are done with it. Instead, they allow it to go lights out by itself. By maintaining a short timeout duration, you will be making sure that the phone does not waste power whenever you are not using it.

4. Switch Off When Inactive

Turning off your phone uses more power compared to unlocking your phone. However, switching it off for a few hours can help in saving more battery compared to leaving it on inactive or sleep mode.

In case you know you aren’t going to touch your phone for a long period, such as if you are sleeping or attending a meeting, you can actually cut down a substantial amount of energy consumption when you simply switch it off. You may be wondering the reason you should even be concerned about the battery level if you already have a charger at home whenever you sleep.

Well, it is mainly because repeated charging for specific types of batteries tends to consume battery volume. For such batteries, the ideal way is to preserve as much as possible. This allows your battery to maintain its initial capacity.

5. Ensure to Charge your Battery Properly

When it comes to phone charging, there are two common types of rechargeable batteries that are popularly used for smartphones. These are Lithium-ion (Li-lon), and Nickel-based batteries: including Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd) and Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH).

There is always a reduction in the battery capacity every time you recharge them. Nevertheless, NiCd batteries have relatively long life cycles. That means they can be recharged more frequently compared to NiMH batteries before they can stop working.

For nickel-based batteries, they should be recharged (to their full amount) whenever they are less or more out of power, and never when there is still a considerable amount of energy left.

So there you have it out top tips on how to keep your smartphone battery going for longer – thank us later

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