Alice Rowe is making a solid name for herself as a talented singer and songwriter who is obsessed with all elements of soul, pop, jazz and r&b. Her recent release even saw radio play from a key tastemaker in the field, Capital Xtra’s very own Leah David. We have asked her to tell us what five songs have inspired her most over the years and why they are so important to her.

H.E.R – Against me

This song came out at exactly the same time I was living every lyric in my head, it was like she read my mind when it was released, I heard her play it live and felt inspired to write down everything that was in my head and be confident enough to own it. H.E.R is incredible her music is like magic to me, it takes me to many inspirational places. 

Gloria Gaynor ‘I Will Survive’ 

This is my mum’s favourite song we used to sing this when I was younger in the kitchen.. the lyrics remind me of how far I’ve come from letting d*ckheads treat me like crap. It reminds me of all the times my mum says I can survive and get through anything!

J Cole – Sideline Story

Listening to this makes me realise I can make it regardless of how hard it is or how long it takes. It reminds me not to listen or think about the time’s people have told me I can’t do it or not taken me seriously. J Cole was dismissed by Jay Z  before he started to get recognition from him… It doesn’t matter if you’re not born into it, if you’re born to do it you will do it. The Piano on this track is my favourite, I always use this as a basis to open my shows to inspire me before I start playing!

Shania Twain – Man I feel like a woman

The first song I remember hearing, inspired me to sing and dance when I was like 4 years old! This song makes me feel powerful, it’s about letting your hair down once in a while going out and having fun! if you’re feeling a bit rebellious this is a good song to feel sassy/ empowered to.

Destiny’s Child – Bills

This song is about calling out men who can’t pay for simple things.. why shouldn’t we call them out? I’ve been in situations before where I’m always paying for things and it needs to stop! It makes me feel like an independent woman when I listen to it! much like most of Destinys child’s songs.. love them all they can make you feel from 0 to sassy within 10 seconds of listening!

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