The red carpet is usually were celebrities show of the fashion they ‘apparently’ have! But this year at the MTV movie awards, the red carpet was full of people dressed so fashionable! Let’s have a look at the people who caught Amor’s eye!

Snoop Dogg definitely brought swag on the red carpet !

Kesha brought the goth look to the red carpet !

As young as Kylie Jenner maybe, she without a doubt brought class on the red carpet ! (Picked things up from her sister)

Talking about her sister, Kim also figured out who to dress maternity wear, and looked very chic on the red carpet !

Jersey shore star Snookie, defo did a good choice by going black hair, especially if she was going for the glamours look ! LOVE IT.

Looking at the celebrities who attended the MTV movies award, it was certainly a dress to impress event ! Lets have a scroll down and have a look at more fashionable stars on the red carpet.

Words: Wardah Sempa 

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