Lipgloss and lashes season is slowly approaching which essentially means half the time sat doing your makeup will be cut in half (if you are anything like myself) From Scorpio thick to Aquari short Cee Luxe beauty will have you daytime party ready in no time.

The Birthday collection

The play on names from star signs made us all fall in love with this collection, Capricorn thick and Scorpio long are super catchy and rememberable.

Scorpio thick is the most dramatic lash in the collection. Serving us with 25mm of thickness and fullness. Thick lash ladies have more fun so girls you honestly know where the party is at (at that’s at Cee Luxe Beauty)

  Scorpio long is giving us life and length! Still part of the 25mm family, with less thickness and more exaggerated length – Yasss for the dramatic eyes!

  Aquari is here for the flawless effect. Perfect for wanting to make a statement in your 9-5 but yet easy to handle on a day to day basis – Aquari is your girl.

 Scorpio 2 is the best selling lash in the whole range giving us a mix of length from 18-22mm. The poignant end style seems to be a popular trend in lash land so we had to make sure we featured this as one of our absolute favs!

 Capricorn thick offers both length and fluff from each corner of the eye. With extreme curl, this is the perfect date night look serving all sorts of cat eye effect.

Cee Luxe Beauty not only offer an amazing range of lash styles for all eye shapes and personal preferences, they also offer a personalised ‘Match Your Lash’ service. This is completely new and exclusive in the beauty industry – a service that will pick out the perfect lash for you just by answering a number of questions such as “On date night what is your go to look” “What is your fav eyeshadow look” such a fun way to make sure you are making the correct purchase.

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