Wearing glasses and wanting to have a flawless makeup look can be seemingly impossible sometimes. Being a glasses wearer myself, I know the daily struggles of trying to keep your makeup looking nice . Especially with the glasses marks, smudged mascara and the hidden eyeshadow.

Here are some handy tips that can be used to help stop some of these make up disasters from occurring on the daily.

Invest in a good concealer

Now good concealers don’t have to be expensive, nor do they have to be from luxury brands. A good under eye concealer is important, especially if your glasses frames are dark. The reflection of the frames can make any dark under eye appear even darker.

Curl your lashes

Curling your lashes is another tip that can help your eyes appear bigger, bolder, and more beautiful. Sometimes our lashes can scratch against the lenses and hide a lot of our makeup that we have spent time applying. Curling your lashes will allow the eye to appear bigger and draw attention to them rather than hiding them.

We know that wearing glasses can hide a lot of your eyeshadow – so don’t be afraid to go bigger, bolder, and brighter with your eye makeup. The bigger you go, the more visible it will become when you’re wearing your glasses. If you’re not fully confident with bright and bold eyeshadow then maybe try wearing eyeliner. Eyeliner can draw attention to the eyes without having to wear lots of eyeshadow.

Apply setting powder to your nose pads

Now this is the ultimate hack for glasses wearers who want to avoid those marks on the nose. By applying setting powder to the nose pads of your glasses stops your foundation from rubbing off, rather it keeps it in place. Don’t be afraid to apply setting powder throughout the day to help your foundation stay in place as your nose can become oily.

Cleanliness is key

Possibly the most obvious yet most forgotten tip is cleanliness. A lot of bacteria can build up around your glasses so make sure to disinfect them regularly (including the lenses and the frame). A build up of bacteria can cause blemishes and breakouts on the skin.

We hope these tips have helped you glasses wearers out there!

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