Underground News is the new, up and coming YouTube channel for the latest news and hot topics. Underground News provides you with the best of the best stories, they report everything you want to know, both celebrity news and local gossip.

Everyone has there own YouTube channel these days, there are multiple channels reporting Grime music, Hip Hop, up and coming talents, beauty and more. But there are not multiple channels available where you can get all the latest news, not just US but UK, that has changed; there is now a UK platform.

Underground News

With four subjects presented in each show each week from, UK Music, Trending Topics, Gossip and News all in one hub, you cant miss out on anything. If you haven’t got time to find the Twitter feuds online, celebrity scandals and find out what is happening with our talented UK Music artist, look no further,  Underground News is here at your beck and call with weekly updates.

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Take a look :  https://t.co/1QgltZsQci

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