The proof is in the name, with so many aspiring talent from future fashion designers, spoken word, up and coming musician’s and let us not forget comedy, all rolled into one.

A couple of fashion lines exhibited there work. Myla (MissChea on facebook) stood out by a mile for me. Her collection was not only unique but natural and simplistic… to think her inspiration is from a Caterpillar – ASTONISHING!

The spoken word act ‘Unkle K’ spoke through the perspective of a killer, showing a different take to poetry and steering away from the typical stereotype, of bringing the victims viewpoint alive.

Personally when it comes to comedy is not everyone can pull it off, you’ve either got it or you don’t. On the night Stephanie’s performance left the audience dying of laughter. I loved the way she dipped in and out of the English and African accent, which definitely played a main role in making her role so comic, and those of you who were there will know, so did the wig!

My favourite part of the night was the raw talent of the up and coming artist’s, SNE The Musician who performed an acoustic set of his songs ‘So soon and Something special.’ His lyrical content just had me engaged from the offset, so refreshing as he rapped the truth. Truly kept it 100% real and is definitely one to watch out for!

Ms Red who definitely added spice to the night. She got the crowd hyped with her energetic and confident performance where she was ‘doing laps around the stage’ as one would state. She resembles the likes of Ms Dynamite and Mz Bratt as she MC’s with a reggae vibe. Raw talent!

Last but not least Aubin Reed’s cover of Miguel’s ‘Sure thing’ was definitely a nice way to end the night, especially for the ladies. His voice was just amazing and I’m telling you his voice can make you do wonders. Amazingly talented!

Finally, I had an amazing night and definitely will be waiting to see them blow, and so should you! So follow all these talented individuals on twitter:

@Unkle_k @Standupstephany @SneTheMusician @SoulfulKayles @AubinReid

By Jourdan Jae

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