With autumn on the horizon, now is the time to start thinking about refreshing your look for the new season, though that doesn’t necessarily mean picking up a whole new wardrobe (as fun as that would be). Adapting for a new season of fashion (and, importantly, weather) can involve finding just a few well-chosen pieces that you can style up and down as you need, to carry you through formal events and more relaxed gatherings as the nights draw in and the leaves start to fall.

It’s important to weigh up the demands that you’ll be subjecting these clothes to: the weather will be unpredictable with drops in temperature and rain showers to be anticipated, and particularly towards the end of the season, busy social engagements begin to become common. Something that will keep you warm and dry in uncertain weather on the way to work and keep you looking cool in all senses of the word in a bar afterwards is hard to come by.

One move you could make to give you a foundation for your autumn look is to find one or two go-to merino wool dresses. Classic, high quality fabrics like merino wool will always attract good designers creating designs on the latest trends. Merino is also a hard-wearing fabric, and when it’s well cared for, will stand up well to the unusual demanding stresses of this season.

Chinti and Parker have a black Merino ‘Bow Tie’ dress that’s grown up enough for office wear and formal events, but with its colourful bow motif, it’s got the sort of playful spirit for more fun casual gatherings as well.

Interpretations of classic knitwear styles are looking very popular this autumn, so you will likely have a large variety to choose from, and you’ll be able to meet your needs whether they’re financial or aesthetic. Once you’ve chosen a piece that can form the foundation of your autumn look, styling it up and down is as simple as choosing a few accessories to define your appearance for the day. Wearing it with a pair of heels and an elegant clutch bag sets you up for a formal evening event. If you’re preparing for a more casual day, some comfortable flats and a bigger, everyday handbag help to offset the formal cut of the dress and make sure you look ready for fun.

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