The Fight goes on!

Justin Beiber

The drama started when rumours emerged of Justin Bieber sleeping with Miranda Kerr, the mother of Olando Bloom’s son.

But it seems the saga between them was to continue. A night into the fancy Ibiza restaurant would later turn into a boxing ring when Orlando and Justin clashed.

Onlookers say teen star offered a hand shake to The Hobbit actor (who ignored it) this lead to “sexual” comments about Bloom’s (ex) wife, resulting in the near punch.

The war these two have, has even lead to Bloom hanging out with Justin’s old flame Selena Gomez, in a battle of an ex take over or just a friendly hang out? Who knows?

The recent blowout has brought out many public views from Bloom being the hero, Bieber being the villain and even the victim?

Fellow celebrities have had something to say about the drama saga. Guardians Of The
Galaxy star Chris Pratt went on to say in a recent interview “how embarrassing to get punched by Orlando Bloom!”. Where others such as Leonardo DiCaprio have a very different view as this star was seen cheering Bloom on. Either way I don’t think we have seen the last of the Orlando and Bieber saga.

Words: Bobbi Scott

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