Autumn and Winter give us girls the freedom to relax a little, wear more clothes and baggy jumpers. However, the heat of summer denies us that luxury and as a result we tend to work on our bodies a little bit more.

With all the diet options available: Sirt, 5:2, Atkins, GI, Dukan and Paleo. It can be difficult to decide what the best option is when it comes to weight loss. Yet there is one option many seem to avoid – a healthy lifestyle…

A healthy lifestyle can be the best diet because it’s not a diet. It focuses on your lifestyle choices, the food you eat everyday and your daily exercise. You then work on improving what you already do to enhance your levels of weight loss.

For some this healthy lifestyle might seem daunting but in actual fact it’s easier than you may think. It simply involves making three basic changes to your everyday patterns.

Purchase only healthy food, when you go shopping avoid products that are high in refined sugar and focus on healthy alternatives. These don’t just have to be fruit options, popcorn is a great substitute for crisps, as well as rice cakes.


It’s easy to say you’re going to join the gym and go several times a week, but actually doing it, that’s another matter entirely. So go for a walk in the evening, nothing too high impact or demanding just getting some fresh air can do a world of good.


This one isn’t as easy to change as the other two but little things can help. Ditching the scales for one! Stick to mirrors what you see is what everyone else does so you shouldn’t be paranoid about what your weight is as no one has to know.

Little lifestyle changes can help you revamp your mindset and body, getting you on the road to an all round healthier you.

Words by: Amy Joanna Taylor

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