We all had to start somewhere when it came to perfecting the art of our strategically feathered eyebrows and blended to perfection contour, but some beauty trends should be left in the past. I’m sure many of us share the same clumpy eyelash flashbacks and twitch at the thought of our thicker than cement foundation, so why not take a bumpy ride down memory lane and reminisce about the not so stylish beauty trends we all used to love.

Dream Matte Mouse

Who could forget the days of the reign of the Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mouse Foundation in school toilets and PE changing rooms. Before the days of beauty blenders and fan brushes we had only our fingers to rely on to relentlessly scrub this questionably textured pot of glupe onto our face. At the time, this product was considered a god send by every 2008 teenager, despite the fact it felt (and looked) like it was sliding off your face after an hour or so, which you could pretty much feel due to its unbelievable thickness. Maybe it’s better many have opted for other less dessert like foundations to create that flawless skin finish now-a-days, not to mention its gone from around £4 to now closer to £10.

Coloured Mascara

Although some fashion magazines do still use this trend on models in shoots, for everyday life, coloured mascara should NEVER have become a thing. Whoever though that coating your eyelashes with blue liquid would be a good fashion statement?! That is one trend that can be left to Kendall Jenner in Vogue because it’s a no from us!

Over plucked eyebrows

This trend must be up there with one of the worst. You all know the look I’m talking about, extremely over plucked eyebrows, drawn over by an incredibly dark thin line that back in the day people used to call eyebrows. This trend is not only a huge no no look wise, it’s also bad for your eyebrows as the hair will start to not grow back! We all know someone who now complains that their eye brows don’t grow right because they used to over pluck them and now big brows are in fashion. Remember before you commit, fashion changes!

Frosted make up in general

When I say frosted makeup, you may not know what I mean at first, but trust me you will know exactly what I’m talking about when you look at the picture here of Paris Hilton rocking the frosted eye look. What an awful trend. Frosted lips basically took a perfectly reasonable shade of lipstick of gloss and covered it with a pale and garish shimmer that made you look like you had been in the cold too long, never a good look! The frosted eyeshadow look was achieved with a tubed crème shadow that done nothing but made you look greasy and like something from Star Trek! Leave it in the early 2000’s I say.

Extreme blusher

Celebrities back in the day seemed to love this look, from Kim K to Micha Barton, many fell victim to the awful over blushing your cheeks trend. This look came before Kim basically invented contouring, but everyone has to start somewhere right? Blush is meant for a very small part of your cheeks, and thankfully we all know that now, but for some reason it used to be (questionably) fashionable to cover most of your face in it. Many walked around looking hot and flustered before this trend was thankfully tamed.

Written by Jodie Andrews

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